Architectural solar facades, reimagined

Where sustainability meets architecture

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Up to 41 LEED points

Up to R10 per inch

Carbon-negative product lifecycle

World’s first
fire-tested BIPV

3rd party tested to withstand Martian environment

Large format panels that are lighter than water

Architectural solar 
facades, reimagined
Mitrex eFacade is a testament to the harmony of form and function. The elegance of architectural cladding meets the power of BIPVs, fusing aesthetic design, solar power, and unparalleled performance.

Solar Facade

The building envelope, reinvented

Too good to be true? Not anymore.

Our range of architectural solar products, including the innovative eFacade, is crafted to seamlessly replace your building's facade while harnessing the power of the sun. 

With a robust aluminum honeycomb core and a layer of high-efficiency solar cells, each panel is a powerhouse of clean energy. But the magic lies in the customizable facing– a canvas where any pattern or color comes to life, marrying the beauty of architectural solar facades with the practicality of BIPV.

Building with our product

Technical Specs

Product details




Solar Cells

Solar Backsheet




Standard size:
80in x 39in

Maximum size:
125in x 80in

Standard size:
2032mm x 990mm

Maximum size:
3175mm x 2032mm


2.81lb/ft2  • 2.84lb/ft2  •  2.97lb/ft2

13.74kg/m2  •  13.89kg/m2  •  14.50kg/m2

Power Range



Glass Thickness

.13in • .16in • .24in • .31in

3.2mm • 4mm • 6mm • 8mm

Backing Thickness

3/4in • 1in • 2in

192mm • 25.4mm • 50.8mm


Created with Design in Mind.

For designers who dare to dream, Mitrex solar facades are your palette. Whether it's granite, porcelain, brick, wood, or custom graphics, our innovative surface treatment achieves the look of any surface material, seamlessly integrating with any architectural style.

Balancing cutting-edge innovation with efficiency, our designs conceal solar technology in plain sight while maximizing energy output with edge-to-edge panels and hidden wiring. Architects now have the freedom to integrate solar without compromising aesthetics, creating buildings that are as powerful as they are beautiful.

Details & Returns

Designing finishes.
Finished with perfection

We understand the importance of the finishing touch. Our panel edge closures and return options are as versatile as your imagination, ensuring that every detail of your design is executed with precision.


High-performing systems. Made for you

Mitrex offers rainscreen systems, ready-for unitized or stick built cladding, prefabricated wall systems, ready-for window wall installation, slab-to-slab connections that are comparable to precast concrete systems, and insulated wall panels—all solar, all made in Canada. Whatever the project, we have a solution for you.

Rainscreen System

Schematic representation of the systemRepresentation of the system

Unitized System

Schematic representation of the systemRepresentation of the system

Prefab System

Schematic representation of the systemRepresentation of the system
Standard Glass
Mitrex Solar Cladding


A building that's all power, all day

We reinvented the building envelope so that you can have it all. Our eFacades are not just tested; they are pushed beyond the standard requirements to exceed building and PV code mandates.

Our products meet stringent building and fire safety certifications, including CAN/ULC 61730 and CAN/ULC 61215, ASTM standards, NFPA 285, EN 13501, S134, and more. 


We fuss over the details
so you don’t have to

Implementing BIPV can be scary; that’s why we’ll do it for you. From initial concept design to final completion, we can offer full services ranging from design assist, manufacture of material, supply of system hardware, engineering support, electrical layout, installation, and servicing. Turnkey services are available for select regions and projects.

Electrical Systems

Hidden charm, effortless integration. The art of wiring with BIPV

Our solar facades ensure that the elegance of your building's exterior remain uninterrupted, while transforming into a powerhouse of energy. The concealed wiring is meticulously integrated behind each panel, providing a seamless energy flow. Experience the power of solar energy in its most refined form, where every detail is crafted with precision and every line tells a story of invisible power.

Manufacturing & Warranty

High-quality production.
World-class warranty

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is a hub of innovation, where advanced photovoltaics meet patented facing technology, ensuring that every product is a masterpiece of engineering and design— all made under one roof in Canada.

Our products are backed by a 25-year product and performance warranty. We guarantee that the minimum efficiency will be 80% of the original energy generation—ensuring beauty and efficiency for the lifetime of the building envelope.


Tap into regional sustainability incentives

Design with sustainability by taking advantage of regional incentives. In the USA, take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which rewards you with a 30% rebate on the cost of implementing renewable technology. Similarly, Canada's federal government offers attractive rebates and tax credits for embracing green solutions.

Mitrex General Testing Summary
Mitrex Solar Facade Data Sheet
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