Our manufacturing

Accelerating the adoption of sustainable, energy generating materials one panel at a time.

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Our Process

Manufacturing processes & vertical integration

Our story begins with the procurement of prime materials like glass, solar cells, and aluminum, setting the stage for a manufacturing symphony,  where we turn ordinary glass into extraordinary building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs).

Manufactory Mechanisms
Step 1
Glass, class, and sass

Precision glass cutting

Our journey commences with the artful slicing of raw glass. Our CNC machines wield their magic to shape glass into forms that defy the norms – circles, triangles, you name it.

Colorful creations

Next, we paint the town – or rather, the glass – with a spectrum of hues. Our color infusion process is a dance of temperature, electrons and humidity, ensuring durability meets vibrancy.

Manufactory Mechanisms
Step 2
Photovoltaic panache

Sculpting solar

Here, colored glass evolves into our photovoltaic masterpieces. Whether it's the size, cell arrangement, or style, our automated line crafts each panel with a touch of genius and a dash of automation.

Energizing artistry

We marry beauty with utility, embedding solar cells into glass with precision, ensuring each panel is a sight to behold and a powerhouse of energy.

Manufactory Mechanisms
Step 3
Building brilliance

Constructive harmony

Our solar panels transcend their role, morphing into robust building materials. The addition of honeycomb structures is where construction waltzes with solar innovation, creating a hybrid marvel.

Architectural freedom

Customization is key. Our panels adapt in size, shape, and functionality, ensuring seamless integration with architectural dreams.

Facade like a wood example
Step 4
Tailored Tech and global trek

Crafting perfection

We tailor-make each panel to fit unique project blueprints, integrating special features and assembling mega panels for grand designs.

Worldwide BIPV

Our panels embark on global journeys, nestled in custom crates, ready for local and international destinations.

Automated Manufacturing

Innovative automation: A symphony of precision

Our obsession with automation harmonizes each step, from the whir of machines to the meticulous testing. This relentless pursuit has birthed one of the world's most awe-inspiring, fully-automated BIPV marvels.


Evolving solar sagas

At Mitrex, our solar tale is ever-evolving – from vast solar canvases to the pioneering 'Giga panels.' Driven by a passion for R&D, our innovation is a constant crescendo, echoing our commitment to revolutionizing solar technology. We have to sell material so we can perform more R&D not the other way around!

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