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Dive into the world of BIPV, where every building surface becomes a canvas for energy creation. Seamless wiring, simple electrical components, and beautiful aesthetics combine into the perfect BIPV system for you.


All the right connections

Our systems are a symphony of hidden wires and discreet connections, invisibly incorporated behind facades, glazing system frames and other components of the building’s exterior, ensuring the architectural beauty of your building remains unspoiled while it hums with solar energy. Our BIPV solutions are more than just energy generators; they're architectural masterpieces, where every panel, every line, narrates a story of sustainable power.

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Rainscreen System


Prefab Wall System


Unitized Facade System


Post and Cap System


Base Shoe System

Solar Glass

Mitrex PV Glass

BIPV Technology

Complete BIPV system —works like magic

Our BIPV systems harness the essence of traditional solar arrays, but with a vertical twist. Panels are linked into strings through pigtail connections, converting solar energy from DC to AC through efficient inverters. For larger projects, string inverters manage the energy flow, while micro-inverters are perfect for smaller setups.

Integral components like optimizers and transformers ensure peak performance and seamless grid integration, with monitoring software providing real-time energy insights. Wiring and cables eventually lead to the main electrical room and feed back into the building. Our systems take up minimal physical space, which allows for easy integration for retrofit projects.

BIPV Module
Power Optimizer
Solar Panel Board
Battery (Optional)
LDC Isolation Disconnect
HV Transformer
Building Switchgear
Utility Grid
Building Loads
Monitoring App

Monitoring System

BIPV Technology

The Mitrex Monitoring systems pairs with your energy-generating solar facade to give you real-time monitoring, and energy insights.

Monitoring System

A solution for every project

Whether it's a towering high-rise or a quaint low-rise, a bustling industrial complex or a serene residential block, Mitrex has a bespoke solar solution for every architectural dream. Our systems are not just installations; they are commitments to a sustainable future, crafted to fit the unique narrative of each building.

Electrical Room


Electrical Room


Mitrex Sustainable Facade Brochure
Mitrex General Testing Summary
Mitrex Solar Facade Data Sheet
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