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At Mitrex, we're not just imagining a future; we're building it. A future where every surface touched by the sun becomes a source of energy.
At Mitrex, we're not just imagining a future; we're building it. A future where every surface touched by the sun becomes a source of energy.

Our Process

Project initiation

Every project begins with a vision, and at Mitrex, we bring that vision to life with meticulous project estimations. Our team dives deep into the specifics of your project, ensuring every solar facade and BIPV solution is tailored to perfection.

This includes:

  • Determining the project scope
  • A power estimation in kWh
  • An overview of the installation system
  • Sample color selection
  • Project estimation and cost

Design assist


Our design assist service, when applicable, is where creativity meets technology. We work hand-in-hand with architects and designers, transforming bold ideas into feasible, stunning solar facades. This collaborative process ensures that every design is not only visually captivating but also optimized for solar efficiency, system performance, and building envelope performance.

Project proposal & modeling

At this stage, we turn concepts into concrete proposals and models. We create detailed representations of how our solar facades will integrate with your building, including project modeling and a study on shading from the surrounding environment and how it will impact energy generation. At this stage, we also complete a preliminary panel layout, determine project logistics, and provide all the necessary construction information.

Project design

Once the proposal is signed off, our project design phase begins. This is where we define the plan for the project on paper. We complete three main areas of work, consisting of shop drawings, electrical design, installation system design, and the bill of material (BOM).

Full panel layout, engineering, and shop drawings

Electrical, wiring and connections

Site logistics and planning

Procurement and scheduling

In our procurement process, we source and select the necessary materials for your project, ensuring they align with our commitment to sustainability and quality. Every component of our solar facades is chosen to ensure maximum efficiency and durability, contributing to a greener planet.


Our manufacturing process is where our visions materialize. We combine state-of-the-art technology with skilled craftsmanship to create solar facades that are not just energy-efficient but also architectural masterpieces.

Project management

Our project management services ensure that every step, from design to installation, is executed flawlessly. We coordinate, monitor, and guide the project, ensuring timelines are met, and quality is upheld, making every project a benchmark in solar facade innovation. For more information on site logistics, see our document here.

Installation manual

At this stage, our drafting department provides comprehensive manuals and layout drawings on the installation for each panel, ensuring a smooth, efficient installation process. This ensures every aspect of the facade installation is planned to perfection.



The installation of our facades is the culmination of our journey. It's where our visions become reality, transforming ordinary buildings into extraordinary landmarks of solar innovation. This phase is applicable for selected projects.


Our solutions extend beyond solar

We recognize that solar solutions may not be suitable for every project. That's why, in collaboration with our sister company, Cladify, we offer comprehensive building envelope solutions, regardless of your preferred facing material.

Whether you desire solar panels exclusively on the south elevation or seek the aesthetics of natural stone for your building's podium, our offerings extend far beyond solar, providing you with an all-encompassing solution from project inception to completion.

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