Amping you up

No one does solar panels like us

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Cutting edge solar technology

Improved aesthetics with colored facing

25-year product and performance warranty

Made in North America

Alternative to
Tesla Solar Roof

Solar Panel & Roof - Amping you up - No one does solar panels like Mitrex
Step into the future with Mitrex Solar Panels and Colored Solar Panels, where we redefine the essence of solar energy and aesthetics. The power is in your hands.

Solar Panel

More power. More aesthetics. More for you

Transform your rooftop into your very own solar system with Mitrex. Our solar panels, designed for both residential and commercial spaces, are a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. They're not just panels; they're your contribution to a greener planet.

Technical Specs

Product details

Colored Solar Panel

Solar and aesthetics.
The best of both worlds

Made for you, our Mitrex Colored Solar Panels give you the best of both worlds—energy generation with aesthetics that matches the look of your roof. Mitrex’s Colored Solar Panels utilizes an innovative surface treatment that fuses the pattern of your roof to solar glass—creating a durable, fade-resistant surface that is self-cleaning for maintenance-free operation.

Our innovative technology seamlessly integrates the look of your roof with the efficiency of solar power. It's not just a panel; it's a revolution in energy.

Colored Solar Panel


The right fit for you

Mitrex panels play well with others. They're compatible with a wide range of inverters, batteries, and solar components, making them a versatile choice for any solar setup.


New look. Same installation

Innovation meets simplicity with our framing system. The installation process for our Solar Panel’s mirrors that of traditional rooftop panels. This means any certified installer can effortlessly set them up anywhere.


Industry-leading warranty

We even offer an industry-leading 25-year product and performance warranty, ensuring a minimum efficiency of 80% of the original energy generation at year 25. Your Colored Solar Panels will remain beautiful and efficient for years, just as breathtaking as the moment it first caught your eye.


Made in North America

Our state-of-the-art production facility is fully automated to produce photovoltaics and facing technology, all made under one roof in Canada.


Tap into regional sustainability incentives.

Design with sustainability by taking advantage of regional incentives. In the USA, take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which rewards you with a 30% rebate on the cost of implementing renewable technology. Similarly, Canada's federal government offers attractive rebates and tax credits for embracing green solutions.

Mitrex Colored Solar Panel Brochure
Mitrex Installation Manual - Framed Solar Modules
Mitrex Installation Manual - Framed Solar Modules L3H I3H
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