Our commitment to a greener future

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Solar Facade

Welcome to the future of sustainable building 

Discover Mitrex - where innovation meets sustainability. We're not just a company; we're architects of a greener future, integrating cutting-edge Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) technology into the heart of urban landscapes. 

Our mission? To transform buildings into eco-powerhouses, one panel at a time.

Building with solar glass and solar facade
Our Ethos


At Mitrex, we're more than just environmentally conscious; we're trailblazers in the realm of eco-innovation.

Seamless integration

Our products aren't add-ons; they're integral, stylish components that redefine building aesthetics.

Unwavering transparency

We believe in the power of honesty – in our products, our processes, and our promises.

Building with solar glass and solar facade


Pioneering sustainability: our journey so far

Green footprint

Our relentless pursuit of reducing environmental impacts through pioneering, sustainable solutions.

Revolutionary products

A portfolio of products that don't just promise eco-friendliness but deliver it in style.

Transparent impact

We're an open book when it comes to our environmental impact, setting new benchmarks in honesty.


EPDs and LEED: Our commitment in numbers

Think of EPDs as a nutrition label, but for the environment. It's how we measure our commitment to the planet. Our external EPD is coming soon.

Mitrex's edge:

All-inclusive EPDs

Nearly every product we offer comes with a detailed environmental 'report card'.

LEEDing the way

Our EPDs are not just reports; they're tickets to LEED credits, helping architects create sustainable marvels.

Building with solar glass and solar facade


Rethinking materials: 96% recyclables BIPV

Energy efficiency, redefined

Our BIPV products don't just save energy; they generate it, turning buildings into power sources.

Zero energy loss

Our goal? A net-zero energy loss in buildings, making energy bills a thing of the past.

R-value reimagined

We've turned the concept of R-value on its head, offering materials that insulate and energize. Reaching infinite R-value is now a possibility with these materials.

Beyond limitations

We're on a quest to create the infinite value equivalency document – a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Next steps

Your next step

Join the eco-revolution. Explore our array of futuristic products and become a part of the sustainability saga. For a deeper dive into our world, connect with us or discover our products.


Explore our simulator - a visual and interactive odyssey

Futuristic imagery

Dive into a visual feast of our sleek, modern BIPV products

Dynamic infographics

Interactive and informative displays that bring numbers to life.

Engage and explore

Interactive elements that make learning about sustainability an adventure.

Building with solar glass and solar facade
Presentation at the office

About us

Our mantra

Core sustainability

We don't just 'do' sustainability; we live it, breathe it, and build it.

Transparent evolution

Education and transparency aren't just policies; they're our responsibilities.

Innovative mastery

We're not just creating products; we're sculpting the future of sustainable building materials.

Redefining standards

Our journey isn't just about being eco-friendly; it's about setting new global benchmarks in sustainability.

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