Solar BIPV Modules: Warranty Unveiled and Longevity Promise


October 1, 2024

Solar power has emerged as an integral factor in the shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources. Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), which smoothly integrates solar panels into architectural structures, is one prominent innovation in this industry. Mitrex contributed to significant progress in BIPV by providing solar modules that are not only sustainable but also backed by impressive warranties and long-term performance guarantees. This article explores Mitrex's solar BIPV modules, delving into all aspects of their warranties and their commitment to long-term efficiency.

Solar Panel Efficiency Decline

It's a well-known fact that all solar panels experience a gradual decline in efficiency over their working life. Factors such as exposure to sunlight, environmental conditions, and normal wear and tear contribute to this natural degradation. However, the rate at which this efficiency decreases varies between different manufacturers and types of solar panels.

Mitrex's Commitment to Quality

Mitrex has committed itself to manufacture premium solar modules with long-lasting solar panels along with excellent electrical components. The BIPV systems are guaranteed to be consistent and effective over time as a result of this dedication.

The 25-Year Warranty

Mitrex's promise to customers is simple yet significant as the BIPV solar modules are guaranteed to last for at least 25 years. The confidence in the longevity of the BIPV Solar modules products is reflected in this warranty. Additionally, the assurance is that the solar panels' power output will not fall below 80% of their declared power output during these 25 years.

Long-Term Energy Generation

The journey continues even after 25 years. Mitrex’s solar panel systems will continue generating sustainable power for an extended duration. Solar BIPV modules promise long-term financial gains in addition to promoting the generation of sustainable energy. It's a step toward a future that is more sustainable and greener.

Ease of Maintenance and Replacement

In the rare instance that any of the solar panels are damaged or need replacement, the process is hassle-free. Any certified installer can easily replace the damaged panels, ensuring that your solar BIPV system continues to operate efficiently. The goal is to make sustainability easy and accessible to everyone.Solar BIPV modules not only demonstrate a commitment to sustainable energy but also offer customers peace of mind with remarkable warranty and durability promise. These solar panels are durable, with a 25-year product and performance warranty and an assurance of at least 80% efficiency beyond that time. Investing in these solar BIPV modules implies not merely capturing renewable energy but also ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy source for years to come.

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