Pioneering the Future of Energy-Generating Construction

Company Updates

May 14, 2024

Mitrex's master plan was Initiated in 2020, with Mitrex's mission to fundamentally transform the construction industry by embedding energy-generating technologies into building materials. Our vision transcends conventional solar power integration, aiming to make every building a contributor to global energy solutions. Through innovative materials and designs, we are setting the stage for a future where construction respects the environment and actively enhances it.

Phase 1: Embedding Energy-Generating Technologies into Building Materials

Objective: Lay the foundation by introducing a range of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) materials, also known as Building-Integrated Energy Generating (BIEG) materials. These products, including but not limited to photovoltaic elements, harness various forms of renewable energy, adaptable in size and color to meet diverse architectural requirements while enhancing aesthetic value.

Outcome: Mitrex BIEG products become the benchmark for innovation and utility in sustainable construction materials, setting a precedent for future advancements.

Phase 2: Streamlining Installation with Next-Generation Innovations

Objective: Launch an innovative series of energy-generating panels and construction materials that transform the installation process. By employing pre-engineered and pre-wired components, we simplify the integration of these technologies into construction projects, making renewable energy adoption seamless.

Outcome: Dramatic reductions in the complexity and duration of installation processes, broadening the accessibility of sustainable building practices.

Phase 3: Enhancing Customization and On-Site Flexibility

Objective: Develop customizable and easily modifiable on-site energy-generating materials. This innovation will allow unparalleled design and application flexibility, making the integration of energy-generating technologies feasible for any construction project.

Outcome: Mitrex's products become the definition of versatility in the construction industry, encouraging widespread use of energy-generating technologies in buildings globally.

Phase 4: Integrating Advanced Energy Storage Solutions

Objective: Incorporate cutting-edge energy storage solutions into our product range. This step ensures buildings are not just generating their own power but are also capable of efficiently storing and managing it, achieving true energy self-sufficiency.

Outcome: Mitrex establishes new benchmarks for energy independence in construction, enabling buildings to operate off-grid and support grid stability during peak times.

Phase 5: Transforming with Energy-Generating coating (2029-2030)

Objective: Invent a transformative site-applicable coating capable of capturing, storing, and releasing electrical energy. This paint will enable any surface to contribute to energy production and storage, vastly expanding the potential for sustainable energy generation in construction.

Outcome: Mitrex fundamentally changes the landscape of sustainable construction, enabling every structure to play an active role in a clean energy ecosystem.

The Mitrex Master Plan charts a course for the company and the wider construction industry toward embracing a future where buildings actively generate and store energy through innovative materials. By focusing on energy-generating technologies beyond traditional solar solutions, simplifying installation, promoting flexibility in design, integrating storage, and finally creating an energy-generating coating, we aim to lead a sustainable revolution in construction. Each phase of the plan is a building block toward a future where every construction project is an opportunity to positively impact our planet's energy landscape. Together, we can redefine sustainable construction and move towards a world where every building is a power source for a cleaner, greener future.

Danial Hadizadeh, Mitrex CEO

May 14, 2024

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