Building Integrated PV, The Future of Green Building


March 10, 2022

With the future of our planet in mind, the development of green buildings has been on a constant rise. While there are many ways to enhance the sustainability of buildings, one way that is that of building integrated PV.

How Building Integrated PV Works

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are integrated into building envelopes. They using standard mounting brackets. Notably, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions. The PV panels typically form a part of the surface, such as a roof, facade, window, or even greenhouses.

The building’s electrical power supply is connected to the PV system. This allows the structure to directly use the energy generated. Typically, solar is used as rooftop solar panels. However, you can also integrate solar into the building envelope, maximizing otherwise unused surface area. Because the solar modules are part of the building, they don’t take up significant land space.

The Benefits of Solar

Building-integrated solar panels act as the building envelope while providing energy generation with integrated solar technology. These building integrated PV systems are an efficient and cost-effective way to generate energy for buildings. The construction of the system does not need to take up any additional land or time. Also, it is usually cheaper than installing separate solar panels. A major benefit of building integrated PV is that it directly integrates into the facade, maximizing aesthetics and reducing costs.

Mitrex is an industry-leading integrated solar company. Their BIPV is a solution for people living in dense areas and who want to live a more environmental lifestyle. Their products integrate solar into facades, glass, rooftops and more without hindering aesthetics. They also produce electricity throughout the day, reducing the structure’s electricity demands.

Is Building Integrated Solar the Future of Clean Energy?

The answer is yes, but it may take a while for building integrated PV to become a major source of renewable energy. As more people become aware of this technology, it may become more accepted as a green power source. This technology is also applicable for residential buildings. Building integrated PV technology will follow the path of typical PV technology. Meaning that in time it will power entire buildings.

Right now, it may be difficult to find building integrated PV manufacturers. Mitrex is one company expanding the limits of solar by providing innovative BIPV products. The fact that Mitrex BIPV is similar to traditional solar technologies means that it is a very flexible alternative to typical solar systems. BIPVs are applicable for new buildings and added onto existing buildings. The possibilities are endless with this technology.

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