Generates Clean

Mitrex Solar Roof modules allow homeowners to generate clean, green, renewable energy without altering the aesthetic appearance of their roof. Our hidden frame Solar Roof comes in standard sizes that allow electricity generation. Anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings ensure maximum efficiency.


Design Flexibility

Our modules can take on the appearance of the most popular roofing patterns and fade-resistant colours, allowing for visual integration with non-solar sections of the roof. Our Solar Roof is also matte in appearance and has a hidden frame, allowing it to further blend into the original roof design.



Mitrex Solar Roof modules allow homeowners to passively generate revenue through the clean, solar energy produced. Homeowners can profit from solar energy by having Mitrex Solar Roofs installed on their homes, without compromising design and quality. 



North American

All our Solar Roof modules conform to North American standards. Our manufacturing facilities efficiently produce high-quality Solar Roof modules. The fully automated Mitrex factory enables us to commercialize production while ensuring excellence.


New And Old

Mitrex Solar Roof modules can be easily incorporated into the design of new buildings. They can also be mounted onto existing structures. Regardless of the application, our Solar Roof modules can be mounted onto any rooftop.


Same Installation

Solar Roof modules have the same method of installation as regular rooftop solar panels. They have a hidden frame and are installed with standard solar racking systems. The colour and power output are guaranteed for 25 years, outlasting asphalt shingles.