Designing with BIPV 

Simply powered by the sun

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Designing with BIPV
Imagine a world where buildings don't just stand; they thrive. This is the world of Mitrex, where solar facades are not just about power — they're about potential.

Design options

Solar Facade

We see a building's facade as a blank canvas, waiting to be infused with solar energy. Our BIPV solutions are a harmonious blend of form and function, where the sun's energy is elegantly harnessed to redefine architectural aesthetics.

Embrace the future of architectural design with our Solar Facades, where every line, curve, and angle is an opportunity to generate clean energy.

Design options

Solar Glass

With Mitrex Solar Glass, innovation meets elegance in architectural design. Transform your building into a green masterpiece, where every line and curve serves a dual purpose – enhancing aesthetics while harnessing the power of the sun.

‍Explore how to design with our Solar Glass, including the integration systems, shapes, sizes, and design options.

Design options

Solar Railing

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with Mitrex Solar Railings, where cutting-edge, hidden solar technology seamlessly integrates into the very framework of your building. These railings are more than mere safety features; they are silent power producers, subtly capturing the sun's rays.

Let every feature of your building be a testament to environmental responsibility and architectural ingenuity. Discover the art of integrating sustainable railings into your architectural designs.

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