Solar Facade Delivers Seamless Integration and Design Freedom

Solar Facade

March 7, 2022

Awe-inspiring buildings shape the user experience. They make visitors feel a certain way when they approach or spend time inside. Sometimes, it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes an iconic building so striking and unforgettable. Perhaps it’s how the facade and interior interact and how balconies define the exterior. By contrast, Mitrex Solar Facades and Railings deliver design flexibility by combining utility, vast aesthetic options, and sustainability.

Maybe it’s how the cladding colours contrast with the windows, creating a monolithic appearance. Creating an awe-inspiring building requires an architectural vision to come to life during construction with the right construction materials.

When architects wish to incorporate solar energy into a project, significant design challenges can arise when using certain materials. Adding sustainable energy features into a new building or deep retrofit can significantly impact its appearance, constrain designs, or be prohibitively expensive. Solar Facades can substantially shift the aesthetic perception of a project and the user’s experience.

Mitrex BIPV & Solar Facade Options

Mitrex's Solar Facades and Railings are multi-purpose building products that seamlessly integrate solar cells into the building envelope, creating a turnkey solution for self-sufficient buildings. Thus, Mitrex helps harness design freedom and the architectural vision for zero-carbon emission projects.

Solar Facades conform to the building design, and there is no perceivable difference between energy and non-energy-generating surfaces. Mitrex developed and rigorously tested its BIPV products to ensure building code compliance and durability. Building owners, developers, engineers, architects, and builders appreciate how simple it is to incorporate solar energy into both new construction and retrofit projects.

Utilizing Solar Facades in the building envelope also creates a revenue stream and lowers operating expenses, making it a cost-saving upgrade. Mitrex solar cladding products are designed to last decades, thus benefiting the bottom line for years to come.

Integrated Turnkey Solar Solutions

Mitrex Solar Facade contains tempered glass and solar cells mounted onto an aluminum honeycomb backplate. Because there are unlimited colour and pattern options, this BIPV cladding is customizable for greater design freedom. The facing options include replicating natural finishes, such as marble and wood or human-made materials like cement and porcelain.

Mitrex BIPV cladding provides advantages over two big players in the cladding industry, precast concrete and aluminum composite material (ACM). This option is lightweight like ACM cladding yet has the durability and strength of precast concrete. Mitrex Solar Facade systems are customizable and feature exceptional warranties without a perceivable difference between energy-generating surfaces. Even the wiring is invisibly incorporated behind the scenes.

The final product balances functionality and zero-carbon emissions energy in a turnkey solution. Because the cladding is lightweight, it is quick and easy to install without a crane or heavy installation equipment during the building envelope construction. The Mitrex BIPV system includes all the necessary solar system equipment for a seamless design and installation process.

The Mitrex SolaRail system transforms sunny balconies into mini power plants to maximize energy production. Developers and architects can select the glass transparency, colour tint, and choose from numerous metal handrail and post designs. With endless options, Mitrex products help harness the design vision.

Toronto certainly has its share of awe-inspiring buildings. As the city grows up, it is gaining significant recognition across the globe for its eclectic architectural styles. Toronto is getting taller and will soon have more buildings over 150 metres than Chicago. Combining BIPV products into the building envelope will help Toronto incorporate top-notch designs into zero-carbon emissions projects for cost-effective solutions.

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