Quiet Urban Futures: The Sustainable Power of Mitrex PVNBs


May 1, 2024

In a world where the constant noise of urban development often disturbs the quest for peacefulness and sustainable power, an innovative approach has emerged. The Highway noise barriers of urban development have been reinvented by Mitrex Photovoltaic Noise Barrier (PVNB) systems, which seamlessly integrate the importance of renewable energy generation with the demand for noise reduction. This blog highlights the world of BIPV noise barriers and how they are contributing to developing a more sustainable and quiet future.

The Dual Benefit of PVNBs:

Mitrex modified traditional noise barriers by introducing the world’s first sound-absorptive solar noise barriers. Mitrex PVNBs are sound-absorbing barriers that simultaneously generate solar power, contrary to traditional barriers constructed from solid materials like brick and concrete, which literally reflect sound. This boost combats two significant urban challenges: noise pollution and sustainable power generation.

High-Performing Solar Power:

Mitrex PVNBs demonstrate an important advancement in urban infrastructure by blending sound management with the generation of high-performing solar power. These inventive structures accomplish two objectives, which surpass the capabilities of conventional noise barriers. They not only significantly reduce noise pollution but also have photovoltaic cells installed, which facilitate their ability to generate solar energy and add it to the metropolitan electrical grid. This integration of acoustic performance with solar power generation, a pioneering move by Mitrex, is a critical step towards sustainable urban living.

Customization and Design:

The fundamental principle of Mitrex's PVNB design is versatility. Customization is valuable, whether it's for the absorptive barriers with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.70+ or the reflective panels with a unique acoustic interlayer to reduce sound transfer. Customers are able to choose between opaque and transparent alternatives, ensuring that each barrier remains productive and appealing to the eye. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings are also customizable, with modifications generated up to STC 40 to satisfy a broad spectrum of environmental constraints.

Innovative Absorptive Technology:

One of the most cutting-edge aspects of Mitrex's offering is the transparent, noise-absorptive technology. This feature footprints the initial development of its kind worldwide – transparent solar glass that absorbs sound from roadways while continually generating energy. The implication of this technology for urban spaces, especially those near highways and railways, is tremendous, allowing for energy generation without sacrificing noise elimination.

Expanding Energy Generation:

Mitrex PVNBs are much more than just sound barriers; they are significant components of enhanced urban infrastructure. By integrating solar technology underneath these everyday structures, they expand the possibilities of energy generation across different urban contexts. The advantages are extensive involving every aspect from powering community centers and streetlights to generating fuel for EV charging stations. These inventive barriers are significant in shifting away from traditional high-carbon energy grids, paving the way for more sustainable and environmentally friendly power sources across areas of urbanization.

Ease of Installation:

The simplicity of installation of Mitrex PVNBs is one of its most appealing characteristics. The unitized construction is an excellent choice for an array of urban conditions considering it will be installed effortlessly and quickly. The transition to quieter, greener cities appears to be equally desirable and effortlessly achievable through this installation's simplicity.Mitrex PVNBs demonstrate essential progress in our journey towards sustainable urbanization. Through the integration of renewable energy and noise reduction, these barriers offer an illustration of a future where sustainability and urbanization can coexist together. With their innovative transparent sound-absorbing technology, easily installable designs, and potential to be customized, Mitrex PVNBs are reinventing sustainable infrastructure and leading the way to a more environmentally friendly and quiet community.

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