Largest Building Integrated PV Wall In North America

Mitrex, the Canadian Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) manufacturer, is in the process of installing Ontario's largest building-integrated PV wall in Toronto. The wall will cover an area of over 7,000 SQFT of customized solar facade panels. This BIPV system has the capacity to generate 100 kW of energy. Three coloured Mitrex Solar Facade variants are being used, making the building integrated PV wall aesthetically pleasing.

Mitrex manufactures each solar facade panel using the latest technology and finest materials. This building integrated PV wall serves the dual purpose of producing solar energy and aesthetically pleasing walls. Additionally, this wall system is expected to produce 90,000 kWh power annually while lowering the carbon footprint.

"Mitrex Solar Facades are a sustainable option for efficient energy production. They also simultaneously provide much faster returns than traditional solar roof panels," explains Danial Hadizadeh, CEO of Mitrex. Mitrex covers an average BIPV system's installation costs within the initial 5 years. Mitrex does this with off-grid financial savings done in this tenure or by taking advantage of the Mitrex Power Agreement (MPA).

He also added, "Currently, we use low carbon-emitting materials in the production process. This BIPV wall will further help us offset our carbon emissions and lead us towards our sustainability goals. With this initiative, we are going to set an example on how to utilize solar technology in generating electricity without compromising the aesthetics."

Sustainability & Net Zero with BIPV

Climate change and rising greenhouse gas emissions is a pressing concern. Because of this, Mitrex works innovatively towards attaining net-zero emissions by integrating photovoltaic technology into building materials. For instance, these materials include facades, roofs, railings and windows, to name a few. Building operations and construction materials currently contribute to 40% of annual global carbon emissions. This figure is only expected to grow in the coming years.

Additionally, the adoption of renewable energy resources is being encouraged by governments across the globe to combat climate change. Hence, converting buildings into energy-efficient grids is a smart way of adopting solar energy while reducing the carbon footprint.

The construction industry in Canada is expected to grow enormously in the coming years. According to the three-year 'Canada Infrastructure Bank's (CIB) Growth Plan, funding of $10 billion will be directed collectively towards clean power generation and building green infrastructure. With this projected growth in both construction and renewable energy sector, the adoption of renewable energy is evident in the coming years. Man-made structures like buildings and houses have huge unused surfaces which are usually unproductive. By installing this massive BIPV wall, Mitrex foresees a future where every surface can be converted into an energy-generating unit, allowing easy adoption of green renewable energy, and bringing a paradigm shift in the construction industry.

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