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March 10, 2022

Tesla Solar Roof has been dominating the energy domain for quite a while. But Mitrex is emerging as an industry-leading rooftop solar panel by producing something different. Mitrex has just come up with its own take on solar power for buildings. They created a sustainable, aesthetic, and affordable rooftop solar panel that uses BAPV technology. Or, as they call it, the Mitrex Solar Roof.

Mitrex Solar Roof panels offer unparalleled durability and are safe to use. Utilizing the same installation methods as standard solar panels, installation is simple and easy without the poor aesthetics of traditional solar panels.

The aesthetics of Mitrex Solar Roof coupled with efficient energy generation increases home value—Mitrex understands that homeowners are committed to a cleaner environment, especially as concerns about climate change have become more prevalent.

Mitrex vs Tesla Solar Roof: Which is the Right One for You?

Tesla's solution is less economical than any solar roof product on the market. Mitrex Solar Roof does not differ from Tesla products in terms of quality, efficiency, and innovation. The only main difference is the price; Mitrex offers a more affordable, sustainable and innovative solar roof solution for individuals and families compared to Tesla’s expensive solar option.

In addition, Mitrex Solar Roof is very easy to adopt as the installation is the same as standard solar panels. In comparison, Tesla Solar Roof requires specialized installation that is lengthy and is not accessible. Mitrex Solar Roof, offered in Canada, is affordable and easy to install.

What are the Different Options for Mitrex Solar Roof?

Mitrex Solar Roof offers a range of pattern options for homeowners interested in purchasing a Solar Roof. The patterned panels feature shingle or slate patterns in popular colours that match the most common roof materials. This masks the appearance of solar by providing an aesthetic option that matches your existing roof. 

How Much Does Mitrex Cost?

The energy costs of the Mitrex Solar Roof system are the same as the industry standard for residential solar panel installations. However, with Mitrex, homeowners pay more for aesthetics—the cost of this added innovation is not significant when considering the entire cost of the system. When aesthetics and cost are a priority, Mitrex panels are the best option on the market.

Mitrex Solar Roof: Combining Sustainability and Aesthetics

Mitrex Solar Roof panels are built to last, safe and durable, look like standard roofing materials like shingles, and provide efficient energy generation. Homeowners can benefit from easy installation and reduced energy bills. Transform your roof with a sustainable product and benefit from energy savings!

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