Mitrex Released Largest 800W Solar Panel

Solar Solutions

March 7, 2022

Mitrex Integrated Solar Technology is the world’s leading building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) manufacturer. They aim to accelerate the globe's decarbonization through sustainable solutions in the solar industry. After months of research and development, Mitrex opened new horizons in the solar sector. They did this with the release of the largest tandem solar panel. The solar panels boast a power output of up to 800W.

These panels are made in Canada using high quality monocrystalline silicon solar cells. They are also well-equipped with Mitrex’s anti-reflecting technology which optimizes electricity generation. Additionally, Mitrex solar panels come with a 25-year warranty which assures durability and efficiency.

“We believe innovation begins with an idea to bring a positive change. Further, exploring contemporary renewable opportunities is our way of being the stimulus behind that change,” says Danial Hadizadeh, CEO of Mitrex. “We aim at smoothing the solar transition for hard-to-abate sectors. Reducing CO2 emissions and reaching net zero by utilizing solar energy is our decarbonization roadmap.”

Mitrex Innovative Solar Technology

Mitrex explores sustainable options in the solar industry. We provide innovative products that allow energy generation on every surface touched by the sun. In addition to high-performing 800W panels, Mitrex offers customizable, integrated solar products that generate energy on the external facades of structures. These integrated products give design liberty to architects, building owners and engineers.

The company also offers end-to-end design, installation and maintenance services. Manufacturing is in North America, and made in accordance with standards and codes. Meanwhile, the fabrication and manufacturing is in Canada.

More importantly, Mitrex manufacturing is fully automated for exceptional photovoltaic production. The manufacturing process systematically strives at achieving a net zero future. Their catalog also features products like Solar Facades or Cladding, Solar Roof, Solar Glass, and Solar Railing. Mitrex combines numerous personalized aesthetic solutions to clients by following their requirements. To boot, Mitrex offers a revenue-sharing business model which allows them to competitively price their high-quality products. This makes their products more affordable, easy to acquire, and the most sought after.

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