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Zak World of Façades is an international conference dedicated to advancing the building design and façade industry through educational and networking efforts. Visit the Mitrex team at this event to browse through our solar technology to contribute to a carbon-neutral future at The World’s Premier Symposium on Façade Design & Engineering.

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November 9-12, 2021

Hilton Austin, 500 E 4th St, USA

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about the solar solutions you need to adapt to the changing marketplace of construction with Mitrex Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

Discover the latest innovations for developers, architects, façade engineers, contractors, builders, and manufacturers while getting to see and understand our revolutionary façade industrial materials. Our products are suitable for any application and can meet the creative needs of any project.
We are here to challenge innovations and provide the best solutions beyond the expectation line for both retrofit and new building development.

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Mitrex Solar Technology


Mitrex Integrated Solar Technology
& the Future of Façades

Mitrex is a manufacturer of building integrated photovoltaic technology, which is suitable for new construction and retrofit projects.

Mitrex building integrated photovoltaic technology is suitable for new construction and retrofit projects.

Mitrex is devoted to aligning with each developer’s vision by providing the appropriate, energy-producing material. The PV glass & solar façade technology allows older buildings to transform into green power plants by generating energy through a solar building envelope.

Discover the latest innovations that elevate your buildings above the rest with Mitrex.

With Mitrex, building owners no longer need to choose between aesthetics and sustainability.

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If you are attending The Electricity transformation Canada, book a meeting with us at the expo to learn more about Mitrex!

Mitrex Products

What Will You Find in Mitrex Booth?

Solar Facades and Cladding

Mitrex Solar Facades or Solar Cladding are aesthetically pleasing power plants. This material is applicable for deep retrofits and recladding, without largely removing any pre-existing material. This competitively priced and customizable material is suitable for any building needs.

Photovoltaic Glass & Windows

Mitrex Photovoltaic Glass and Solar Windows can easily conform to any building design or shape. With limitless application and easy installation, this green energy-generating material is perfectly adoptable. Clients are even provided with the rare opportunity of reducing carbon emissions while generating revenue.

Solar Railings

Mitrex Solar Railings offer glass transparency options and design flexibility over a limitless range of aesthetically pleasing designs. This technology can easily replace existing railings, even on high-rise buildings, with our rapid installation. With a variety of glass tints and posts to choose from, Mitrex products align with every builder’s vision, as well as contribute to a carbon-neutral future.