Solar-Integrated Solutions

Mitrex building-integrated photovoltaic systems can be integrated into any building while meeting all aesthetic needs.

Mitrex has numerous solutions to meet any design and incorporate BIPV into the structure. From design and building perspectives, Mitrex BIPV systems have limitless applications. From new builds to retrofits, these panels transform typical, single-purpose building materials into multi-purpose solutions that act as a building envelope while also generating power.

Our facade systems are easy to install and allow minimal disturbance on the job site. Our in-house and certified partners offer full installation services, including insulation, panel mounting, electrical connections, and finishing the façade. Our superior solution works for any application, from pre-panelized and prefabricated wall assemblies to slab-to-slab connections or embedding into curtainwalls and window walls.

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Panelizing System

Mitrex offers panelling wall system solutions that enhance design appeal and flexibility for any building need. We offer panel by panel or preassembled installation with an attachment system (i.e. interlocking channel) when a back wall is present.

The panels are connected to the back wall via any attachment system desired. Each panel is equipped with a junction box and electrical cables on the back of the panel, allowing for seamless circuitry behind the panels. Enhance your building envelope with Mitrex solutions—tailored to your design needs!

  • Panel or Preassembled Options
  • Design Flexibility
  • Limitless Applications
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Pre-Panelized/Slab-to-Slab System

A lightweight, self-supporting solution, the pre-panelized/slab-to-slab connection system features panel assemblies mounted slab to slab with the required structural framing. This structure is used when there is not a back wall present.

Building on the high strength of precast concrete systems, Mitrex pre-panelized solution is a better alternative. Compared to precast concrete panels, Mitrex electricity-generating panels are much lighter, easier to install, and do not need the building to be reinforced to receive the added weight of the panels. Contact Mitrex to learn how our solutions can be used in your next project!

  • Lightweight, High Strength
  • Easy Installation
  • Solar Energy Generation
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Insulated Panels

Mitrex insulated panel solutions feature a customizable solar facing with an insulating foam core to provide a complete solution for industrial or prefabricated residential applications. These panels are durable and weather-tight for any application, making it easy to incorporate solar technology into your next project. Mitrex insulated panels are an efficient, sustainable solution for your structures, featuring high thermal performance, flexible design options, and quick installation.

  • High Thermal Performance
  • Standard, Quick Installation
  • Industrial or Residential Applications
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Pre-Assembled Wall Systems

Mitrex offers pre-assembled wall systems that provide prefabricated solutions, cutting installation time and costs. Utilizing a foam core and a customizable solar facing, Mitrex preassembles our insulated solar panels to create a wall system that optimizes aesthetics and functionality. Incorporate solar technology into all your structures with seamless, ready-made solutions that offer superior thermal performance, durable building envelopes, and fast installation.

  • Prefabricated Wall Solutions
  • Quick Installation
  • Superior Thermal Performance
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Window Applications

Mitrex solar facades can be used in place of glass or spandrel panels in any window wall or curtainwall system. The hollow framing members of the system are used to conceal the electrical circuitry of the solar cells in the glass, allowing for seamless energy generation.

The flexible design options available in Mitrex Solar Glass make the selection even easier. For instance, Mitrex offers semi-opaque solar glass, patterned, opaque glass in place of spandrel panels, or transparent solar glass as vision panels—allowing any building to become a powerhouse without compromising design and functional integrity.

  • Seamless Energy Generation
  • Design Flexibility
  • Standard Installation
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Custom Applications

Mitrex solar facade panels can be accommodated into any pre-set custom framing system, or a new system can be developed for any structural requirement. Custom shapes are achieved through prefabricated panel assemblies.

Mitrex systems are even compatible with manual or automated movable panel systems, optimizing solar efficiency by moving the panels to the desired orientation. Contact us to learn how we can provide a solution for your next project!

  • Custom Design Options
  • Solar Energy Generation
  • Limitless Applications
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Rainscreen System

Our Pressure-Equalized Ventilated Rainscreen System is a highly effective and sustainable moisture management solution. All of our systems are offered in a rainscreen system if needed. It is designed to eliminate rainwater penetration through the rainscreen and allow ventilation. Rainwater penetration occurs due to the emergence of water on the wall surface, through windows, or driving forces such as kinetic energy, surface tension, gravity, or air pressure differentials.

Our wall assembly has three primary components of a rainscreen system: an outer layer or rainscreen, the inner layer or air barrier, and a pressure equalization chamber (PEC) sealed from sides and vents. This system is designed with an air-water barrier and proper flashing details to drain the rainwater. It is low maintenance, does not require sealants or caulking, and is energy efficient.

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Double-Skin Facade System

Double-skin facade systems feature structures that incorporate two building envelopes, allowing air flow in the cavity between the facade layers. Mitrex can provide an energy-generating solution to double-skin building envelopes, incorporating solar power, and improving energy savings of the structure. Contact Mitrex to learn more!

Climate-Adaptive Building Shells

Climate-adaptive building shells (CABS) consist of facades or building envelopes that dynamically adjust to the environment where the building is found. This contributes to energy-savings in terms of heating, cooling, or electricity demands. Mitrex systems can engineer facades compatible with CABS, creating energy-generating, energy efficient building envelopes.