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Integrating Solar Technology into Facades, Skylights, Roofing, and Other Building Elements

Mitrex has created innovative systems that can be adapted and integrated critically and creatively in order to address new and age-old challenges related to issues of sustainability.


Toronto’s New Power Houses

At a growing number of condos, solar and geothermal energy runs everything from garbage chutes to elevators.


Solar Cladding Delivers Seamless Integration and Design Freedom

Mitrex solar cladding and railings deliver design flexibility by combining utility, vast aesthetic options, and sustainability.


Mitrex Releases New Solar-Integrated Products for Buildings

Mitrex’s technology offers architects, developers, and building owners a cost-efficient cleantech energy solution.


Danial Hadizadeh at CSC Building Expo 2021

Danial Hadizadeh’s CEO of Mitrex Solar Technology talks about Building Integrated Solar Technology, the pivotal solution to enhance building efficiency at the CSC Building Expo 2021.


Mitrex Introduces Solar-Integrated Products to Transform Buildings

Mitrex introduces solar-integrated products to transform buildings into self-sufficient power systems.


Photovoltaic Cladding and Roofing Offering Path to Net-Zero Ambitions

Buildings produce 13% of the country’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions, so innovative technologies that could turn buildings into clean power generators would go a long way to reducing reliance on electricity from the high-carbon grid.



Environmental Achievement
Award 2021 First Place

Green Product Award
2021 First Place

TCA Product Innovation Award
2020 – Finalist

Muse Design Award 2021 Gold Winner in
Sustainable Living / Environmental Preservation

The Best Firm to Work for 2021 1st Place in
Construction, Design & Building Firm

Inter Solar Award 2021 Finalist


Proud Members

Forbes Business Council

Canadian Renewable Energy
Association (CanREA)

TCA Toronto
Construction Association

CSC Toronto

Ontario Building Envelope
Council (OBEC)

Solar Association (ASA)

Canadian Green Building
Council (CaGBC)

BOMA Toronto

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