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Solar Windows, Shingles, and Cladding? The Building Itself is Now the Solar Panel

“We are taking the carbon (out of the) system just by installing it” Mitrex CEO, Danial Hadizadeh.
Read the full story covered by Emily Chung – CBC News


Mitrex Launches Solar Roof Technology to Transform Homes…

The solar roof panels can be easily installed on both new and existing homes. Mitrex’s products can seamlessly mimic the appearance of traditional asphalt and slate shingles.


Expanding Horizons in Solar Energy: Danial Hadizadeh, Mitrex

Why are we just warming the planet and putting these panels on the wall? While we can capture this energy, convert it into electricity, and use it?


Mitrex Expands the Aesthetic Possibilities of Solar Cladding

From the shingles of a residential roof to the glazed cladding — or balcony railings — of a high-rise tower, Mitrex BIPV offers invisible power generation.


Solar Power Going Vertical with Photovoltaic Materials

Applicable to anything from new builds to deep retrofits, allowing architects to retain full control of a building’s design.


Solar Innovation: Mitrex Revolutionizes Photovoltaic Energy

Integrated solar energy into new and exciting buildings is faster, simpler, and more aesthetically pleasing than ever before.


Seamless Solar Roof Technology – The Next Step for Homeowners

Instead of the typical blue and black panels, the Mitrex Solar Roof is offered in many popular roof patterns, allowing panels to integrate flawlessly into the existing home’s design.


Building-Integrated Photovoltaics Can Lead to Net-Positive Construction

BIPV technology can be applied to almost any built structure, such as high-rise buildings, stadiums, residential homes, bus stops, greenhouses, sidewalks, noise barriers, and much more.


Why BIPV Technology is Part of the Climate Solution

Mitrex’s photovoltaic cladding technology integrates carbon-free power generation into a lightweight, efficient material with a reduced embodied energy footprint.



Environmental Achievement
Award 2021 First Place

Green Product Award
2021 First Place

TCA Product Innovation Award
2020 – Finalist

Muse Design Award 2021 Gold Winner in
Sustainable Living / Environmental Preservation

The Best Firm to Work for 2021 1st Place in
Construction, Design & Building Firm

Inter Solar Award 2021 Finalist


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