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Mitrex launches “Solar Brick” to transform buildings into energy-generating power plants

Mitrex’s newest project features an installation of their Solar Brick made to match the existing brick facade on the post-war era building.


Ontario’s Largest Building-Integrated Vertical Photovoltaic Wall

Mitrex, a Canadian Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) manufacturer, is in the process of installing Ontario’s largest building-integrated vertical photovoltaic wall.


Toronto is Getting the Largest BIPV Wall in North America

Though it’s still in its infancy, the technology is taking a big leap right here in Toronto, where an enormous 7,000-square-foot wall — the largest BIPV wall in North America to date — is being installed.


Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid – Featuring Mitrex

Watch Viewpoint’s documentary on Mitrex and its innovative solar technology.


Mitrex Released Their Largest Solar Panels with a Maximum Power of 800W

Mitrex, the world’s leading building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) manufacturer, aims at accelerating the decarbonization of the globe through sustainable solutions in the solar industry.


Watch the CBC National Report on Mitrex Solar Roof

Mitrex is making solar energy more reliable, accessible, and affordable than conventional solar panels. Discover a clip of our CEO, Danial Hadizadeh talking about Mitrex Solar Roof. Covered by the CBC National.


Solar Windows, Shingles, and Cladding? The Building Itself is Now the Solar Panel

“We are taking the carbon (out of the) system just by installing it” Mitrex CEO, Danial Hadizadeh.
Read the full story covered by Emily Chung – CBC News


Mitrex Launches Solar Roof Technology to Transform Homes…

The solar roof panels can be easily installed on both new and existing homes. Mitrex’s products can seamlessly mimic the appearance of traditional asphalt and slate shingles.


Expanding Horizons in Solar Energy: Danial Hadizadeh, Mitrex

Why are we just warming the planet and putting these panels on the wall? While we can capture this energy, convert it into electricity, and use it?



Environmental Achievement
Award 2021 First Place

Green Product Award
2021 First Place

TCA Product Innovation Award
2020 – Finalist

Muse Design Award 2021 Gold Winner in
Sustainable Living / Environmental Preservation

The Best Firm to Work for 2021 1st Place in
Construction, Design & Building Firm

Inter Solar Award 2021 Finalist


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