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Research and development are at the core of Mitrex. We use our patented photovoltaic technology to create a sun-powered module with customizable surface glass that can have the appearance of any material in the world. The technology used in Mitrex products delivers cutting-edge solutions that feature sleek, elegant designs in an extensive range of sizes, colours, finishes, and designs. Not only do we ensure all of our products follow standards and codes of photovoltaic building material, but each of our modules is also tested in our production line to guarantee each panel exceeds efficiency standards.

Mitrex testing and R&D

Certifications Of

Before any Mitrex solar modules are manufactured, we ensure all our products are certified. Due to the multipurpose aspect of our PV systems, we must ensure we meet solar certifications and building codes. The certifications for Mitrex PV modules include CSA, UL, and IEC. These certifications are based on numerous standards, some being: UL 61215, UL 61730, CSA C22.2 No. 61730, CSA C22.2 No. 61215, IEC 61215, and IEC 61730. The structural and safety certifications for the building materials include fire and mechanical tests. The fire tests include but are not limited to: CAN/ULC S134-92 Standard Method of Fire Test of Exterior Wall Assemblies, CAN/ULC S102:2018 Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, CAN/ULC S114 Determination of Non-Combustibility, and ASTM E119 Fire Rating Test. In addition, a few of our mechanical tests include ASTM E1996-14a Missile Impact Testing, ASTM E331-00 Water Penetration Testing, ASTM E1886-13a  Pressure Cycling Testing, and more.


We Test Everything

Our product testing and results are above and beyond the minimums required by building and PV codes. Testing is performed by independent laboratories and universities as well as the Mitrex research and manufacturing facility. Feel free to look through our testing videos below to see our products in action.


Quality Control
Of Solar Modules

At Mitrex, it is essential for us to ensure all the modules we manufacture are high quality. If some of the modules produced are underperforming, this could negatively affect the other modules in a photovoltaic system. We guarantee that every single module passes our quality control tests. There are various tests conducted for each module.

Solar Flash Tests, or Sun Simulator Tests, measure the output performance of a solar module. This test is a standard procedure at PV manufacturers to ensure the operability of each PV module. The Mitrex manufacturing facility uses a sun simulator that has an LED light source. The light produced has a triple Class A+ specification (uniformity 1%, spectrum Am 1,5 and stable luminosity 1000 W/m2). The simulator has a specific electronic load for the characterization of the modules, with a customized I-V range. The electrical characteristics (Pmax, ISC, VOC, Imp and Vmp), I-V curve, and P-V curve of the modules are reviewed. All the modules are tested with the sun simulator to ensure their output performance meets our standards.