We specialize in diverse Solar Facades & cladding, Photovoltaic Glass, and Solar Railing projects. Take a look at a selection of Mitrex projects below.

Disclaimer: The projects displayed are inexact renderings of current Mitrex projects; the images are solely to reflect the size of proposed confidential projects.

92 Plains Road - Mitrex Project

92 Plains Road

Developer: Chelten Developments

Architect: Cynthia Zahoruk Architect Inc

92 Plains Road is a new, 6-storey condominium located in Burlington ON, Canada. This building incorporates Mitrex Solar Cladding and Solar Railing into the façade to allow for energy generation without ruining the aesthetics.


591 Finch West

Developer: Sionito Community Development Corporation.

Architect: Paradigm Architecture + Design

591 Finch West is a new 12-storey rental building located in Toronto ON, Canada, designed as a senior residence. The mid-rise utilizes Mitrex Solar Cladding and Solar Railing to offset the building’s reliance on energy from the high-carbon grid.

591 Finch Ave Mitrex Project
Mitrex Headoffice Building

41 Racine Road

Developer: Belfield Construction

Mitrex Headquarters, located in Toronto ON, Canada, features Mitrex Solar Cladding along the facade of the office and manufacturing facility.


The SEE Institute (Dubai)

Developer: Diamond Developers

The SEE Institute is part of The Sustainable City in Dubai, an award-winning community that aims to become the first Net Zero Energy development in the region. The institute is the research and development arm of Diamond Developers which promotes low carbon living and accelerates climate action through professional training, public education, events and special projects. The building integrates Mitrex Solar Cladding on the South and South-West facade.

Diamond Developers Solar Facades project in Dubai by Mitrex Solar Cladding and PV Glass