Mitrex Big 5 Dubai Show

Join Mitrex at the BOMA 2021 International Conference to browse through our solar facades, PV Glass products, solar panels & more! This event connects learning professionals with key experts in the commercial real estate industry through educational sessions, expert-led meetings and an informative trade show!

October 6th - 9th, 2021

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center,
Boston MA - USA

If you are attending BOMA 2021, book a meeting with us at the expo to learn more about Mitrex

The 2021 BOMA International Conference will allow attendees to strengthen relationships as well as maintain a level playing field between competitors. Whether you’re new or experienced to the building industry, the 2021 BOMA International Conference has something to teach us all. At this event, specifically the tradeshow, we hope to educate attendees about our aesthetically-pleasing solar facades, solar panels and more.

The 2021 BOMA International Conference is organized by BOMA International and BOMA Buildings.  These organizations are two of the most prominent in the building industry. The attendees of the conference will consist of building managers, property managers, owners, investors, engineers, and architects, many of whom will be attending the trade show.

Visit our booth at the exhibition! Mitrex will be showcasing our green energy solutions to help expand the use of solar energy in USA!


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Visit Mitrex at
BOMA 2021

With Mitrex, building owners no longer need to choose between aesthetics and sustainability.

Mitrex solar facades, cladding, PV glass, panels, windows, railing, glass, roof, siding, and more makes it easy to adopt solar energy, reducing climate emissions while passively generating revenue. Integrating solar energy is easy with Mitrex—our products are suitable for any application and can meet the creative needs of any project. The 2021 BOMA International Conference will allow the Mitrex team to showcase our customizable and energy generating solar facades, ensuring solar energy production in the USA. Through this, our mission to reverse greenhouse emissions can finally come to fruition!

For more information, book a meeting with our team!

Mitrex Booma2021

If you are attending The BOMA 2021, book a meeting with us at the expo to learn more about Mitrex

Mitrex Products

What Will You Find in Mitrex Booth?

Solar Facades and Cladding

Mitrex Solar Facades or Solar Cladding are aesthetically pleasing power plants. This material is applicable for deep retrofits and recladding, without largely removing any pre-existing material. This competitively priced and customizable material is suitable for any building needs.  

Photovoltaic Glass and Windows

Mitrex Photovoltaic Glass and Solar Windows can easily conform to any building design or shape. With limitless application and easy installation, this green energy-generating material is perfectly adoptable. Clients are even provided with the rare opportunity of reducing carbon emissions while generating revenue.

Solar Railings

Mitrex Solar Railings offer glass transparency options and design flexibility over a limitless range of aesthetically pleasing designs. This technology can easily replace existing railings, even on high-rise buildings, with our rapid installation. With a variety of glass tints and posts to choose from, Mitrex products align with every builder’s vision, as well as contribute to a carbon-neutral future.